cedric barker / papa-wolf/ member of dta at alvington / member of in.flux.

Co-founder of and contributor to lnw. Philosopher and linguist living in germany and the UK. Began as a photographer and now also delves in other forms of expressions - painting, sculpture and semiotics.




ntn lxm / mama-wolf / member of dta at alvington

Co-founder and contributor to lnw. Lawyer turned filmmaker, over-thinking traveller and painting wolf.


nature, people, spirits.


justin / member of in.flux.

Lawyer and poet operating out of Hong Kong, London and Toronto. Also member of musical ventures including Kisses From My Grandfather.


middling minds and manners to match.



Psychologist and designer based out of Madrid. His journal is long-finished on top of rather 'niche', and with the turn of the year it's time on the prime window .


has come to a dignified close.


webb / member of dta at alvington

Musicologist and air head operating out of London with a deep affinity for the italic.


in the bronze decor.


e.v. / member of dta at alvington

Guitarist and criminal psychologist operating out of London.


the glitter freeze.


mr. hannah

Yet to be defined.


childhood. freight train cars. friends.

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